Living Dance Ballroom in Oconomowoc

Living Dance Ballroom in Oconomowoc

Living Dance Ballroom in OconomowocLiving Dance Ballroom in OconomowocLiving Dance Ballroom in Oconomowoc

Our Services

Private Lessons


A private lesson is a 45 min

 ballroom dance lesson for singles and couples of all ages.  They are based on your needs, desires, and goals.   It’s a great way for beginners to get started, seasoned dancers to take their skills to the next level, or couples to have an intimate moment with their own dance guide.


We accommodate each student’s schedule with a personalized tuition plan that makes each personal goal affordable.

 Private Lessons are available for junior students and are beneficial for those students who would like to train at a more skilled or competitive level.  

Group Classes


Group Ballroom Dance Lessons are held the same day and time every week.  These ballroom dance classes have everyone moving forward together at the pace of the group focusing on combining a fun and comfortable atmosphere with details and goals to the specific class.  They are a fantastic way to meet people and includes time to practice during the class. You may join one that is already scheduled and open to the public or form your own with friends and family.  Check out our class schedule below and keep in mind that the group lessons are available in packages or at the door, don't expire and are interchangeable.


Junior Program


There are many sports and recreation options available for kids these days.  Ballroom dance lessons can improve your child's fitness levels, socialization, self-esteem and provides discipline, goal setting and achievement.

Our junior programs are 8-12 week programs for children 4 and up and end with a performance.   Group classes are scheduled by age and/or skill level.


Hip Hop Classes


  Hip Hop is another dance style offered at Living Dance.  Developed from several cultures including jazz, rock, tap, and American and Latino cultures, this cultural style expresses freedom of movement and self expression.  Hip Hop Classes are mini workshops similar to our junior program.  These classes cover a range of basics to hip-hop technique,  freedom of movement, body isolation, choreography,  and popularized social dance moves to name a few.  They will be held the same time for 8-12 consecutive weeks.  All ages are welcome to join the workshop.     



Yoga establishes an enlightened sense of awareness of the body and mind.  Taking away the mirrors and turning that perspective inside can be greatly beneficial physically,  emotionally and spiritually thus creating a more "centered" dancer.      


Sign up for a class below to start your journey today!    

Friday Social/Practice Parties


Twice a month we will host a party for our students to practice what they learned in a fun social environment.  Our parties will always have a performance and are open to the public.  They are a fantastic way to meet people and simply have fun!  

Check out our events section to view our scheduled dates.  

Dancing Shoes


Wearing the right shoes for any sport can make a world of difference in safety and performance. 

What makes dance shoes different from regular shoes?

Ballroom dance shoes, both ladies and men's have non-slip suede soles, a metal shank in the arch for support and are very light-weight and flexible.  The advantage of suede is that it is smooth enough to slide easily on the dance floor, but provides enough friction not to be slippery, making it easier to spin.  Suede soles are malleable, so you can actually feel the floor under your feet. 

Ballroom dance shoes come in a variety of styles, heel heights and colors to match dance styles and personalities.  Please contact us to find the right fit for you.