Living Dance Ballroom in Oconomowoc

Living Dance Ballroom in Oconomowoc

Living Dance Ballroom in OconomowocLiving Dance Ballroom in OconomowocLiving Dance Ballroom in Oconomowoc

A wedding dance to remember

Your first dance together as Mr. and Mrs. should be a lasting memory.

Let us help you take your first steps on the dance floor as husband and wife.  The first dance is believed to be a symbol of a rich and rewarding life together shared with your family and friends.  It could also establish a life long activity to grow beyond your wedding day.


  Whether you're looking for a choreographed wedding dance routine or simply want to look comfortable on the dance floor, your wedding package will be customized for the two of you.  You can choose your own piece of music or we can help you find the perfect song for your day. 


We work with all types of schedules and understand that planning a wedding is a big deal.  We recommend at least 2-4 months to build muscle memory and confidence.  However, preparation for your wedding can be started at anytime.

More Details

 It's always a good idea to discuss detail and finishing touches.   A bride's dress and shoes should be considered to provide a more comfortable experience and plan for choreography.  We recommend having a rehearsal with an audience of our dancing friends or you can choose to do your rehearsal privately with your teacher.  


Wedding Packages

 Wedding packages are personalized to your desired goals.  Schedule an introduction and we'll help you get started with creating this lasting memory. 


We can also help with basic social dancing, choreograph a group routine for the bridal party, or a heart-warming dance with your parents!