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The Ballroom Style


Ballroom dancing is a set of partner dances, originally practiced in Europe and the United States.   It is performed by couples using defined steps with music.  Ballroom dance can be done to almost every musical genre.  With music and health promotion as the core, in essence, your bodies develop into a living musical instrument.   

There are 2 main styles of ballroom dancing and either can be danced socially or competitively.  

European Style - Standard and Latin

American Style - Smooth and Rhythm

Ballroom Dances





-Viennese Waltz

-Quick Step

-Cha Cha


-East Coast Swing


-West Coast Swing



-Push Pull/Hustle


-Paso Doble


-Argentine Tango

A Healthy Hobby


Imagine a hobby, one that elevates you, your physical and mental potential, enhances social connections and can even give you a new purpose.  

In our fast way of life, full of to-do lists, stress and health concerns, it is vital to have an outlet, and ballroom dancing is perfect for numerous reasons.

Studies show that ballroom dance can improve your health, work miracles in the prevention of dementia and improve your social life through fun low-pressure situational interaction.  Doctors in the UK are even prescribing it to patients.  It goes way beyond just having an interesting hobby.  Open your world to better connections, new and lasting friendships, exciting new skills and plenty of health benefits.  

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